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Caseplace CasePlace: Over 570 Items Associated with Employee Ownership

Through the collaboration of the Aspen Institute, Employee Ownership Foundation and the FED, the largest online Curriculum Library on Employee Ownership (CLEO) was launched in October of 2008. This library is fully accessible to a global network of business educators and partially accessible to all visitors. It has been highlighted by key national media channels like the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo and Google News.

In September of 2012, the new CLEO Employee Ownership Video Collection was added to The collection is designed to help students, professors and entrepreneurs learn about open book management, participation and ownership through videos from well-respected professors, students and business owners. They discuss the culture, participation and practices of employee ownership, as well as the facts and statistics of ESOP companies in the world today. The video collection includes the top seven employee ownership videos and an outlined teaching addendum, which takes the viewer through the different facets of employee ownership divided into four sections including: I. Teaching in Entrepreneurship Programs II. History of Broad-Based Ownership III. Innovation & High-Tech IV. Money & People.

The site is free and open to students, educators, and anyone interested in learning more about social and environmental issues in business. Registered faculty users can download "faculty only" sample copies of cases and teaching notes.

Materials in the database are organized and searchable by:

  • Discipline - e.g., entrepreneurship, human resources management, management, organizational behavior, etc.
  • Industry - e.g., finance and insurance, high technology, etc.
  • Region - e.g., Asia, Europe, North America
  • Product type - e.g., case studies, books, syllabi, articles, teaching modules, etc.
  • Author name
  • Publication year

The FED is supporting continued efforts to grow this library with new materials, some developed through our fellowship/grant program to gain awareness and adoption among academics.



Fellowship PortalDirectory: 92 Scholars from 58 Universities

The FED initiated research to identify key scholars making a significant contribution to increasing the body of research in employee ownership and to identify scholars who are actively teaching about employee ownership in an academic setting. Our intention is to create a directory of these scholars and help support all scholars in locating and connecting with other academics who are interested in employee ownership. Our research includes on-line searches of academic sources, reviews of private and public universities, reviews of materials contained in CasePlace, references from participation in FED and associated organizations.

The Fellowship web portal currently houses this academic directory. During this research phase, access to new users is limited.

If interested, please contact

Promoting Education

The FED strives to increase awareness of ownership and participative management principles among students, entrepreneurs, and business leaders through educational curricula.