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New Educational, Documentary Film Presented by the Foundation for Enterprise Development and Passage Productions

Filming of We the Owners: Employees Expanding the American Dream began at the NCEO/Beyster Institute Employee Ownership Conference in April 2011. Interviews of the student participants and national winners of the FED’s 2011 University Essay Contest, Creating Wealth By Sharing Wealth™, as well as interviews of business representatives in attendance were conducted.

It has been a two and half-year journey in documentary filmmaking, and the result is a 52-minute story of founders and employee owners from New Belgium Brewing (Colorado), Namasté Solar (Colorado), and DPR Construction (California) sharing the worker's perspectives on shared ownership structures, highly empowering corporate cultures, linked reward and risk incentives, and human-capital innovation models. The film shows how decisions are made on founding the company, expansion, succession, recruitment, and layoffs. You see that the form is important, but the culture of ownership is imperative. It is a feel-good movie, that addresses the real, cultural challenges during important transition periods, and presents an optimistic view of what people can achieve when working together with common goals of shared responsibilities and shared rewards.

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Released: December 2012

Screenings: Worldwide

Executive Producer: Mary Ann Beyster, Foundation for Enterprise Development

Associate Producer: Bianca Lipshitz, Foundation for Enterprise Development

Director and Crew:            USASBE Official Selection:            SLO Int'l Film Festival Official Selection:     Academy of Managemnt PDW Selection:

Passage Production           USASBE Conference 2013                              SLOIFF                                       AOM Annual Conference 2013


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