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The FED's grant program supports tax exempt organizations that are engaged in critical inter-disciplinary research, education, knowledge sharing, and/or policy development with the widest effect on advancing the concepts of broad-based ownership and entrepreneurship. In the past five years, the Foundation has focused on opportunities for improved research and educational materials on shared capitalism and ownership models, especially in science- and technology-based industries. We are excited to see young and senior scholars engaged in growing a body of important research, teaching materials, and new means for broadly disseminating materials to business educators.

J.R. Beyster Fellowships

Applicants for Beyster Fellowships may submit an application to Rutgers University by January 31 for fellowships beginning the following July 1. Read more about the Rutgers program.

Vist the J.R. Beyster Fellowship Page

Curriculum Library on Employee Ownership (CLEO) enhancements

The launching of CLEO, the largest online academic library on employee ownership, was completed in the Fall of 2008 as part of Aspen Institute's larger system, called Continued improvements are underway through the collaborative initiative with Aspen Institute and the Employee Ownership Foundation, which also provided underwriting support. More Information


Emerging Scholar Research Award, Shared Capitalism Through Employee Ownership

The Emerging Scholar Research Award Program intends to attract and support young scholars pursuing innovative research that addresses shared capitalism. More Information

Incentives for Innovation Program

The FED supports competitive prizes and incubator programs with regional and national focus.  The FED is a founding advisor of the newly launched StartR accelerator at UCSD. More Information

A timeline for fellowships and grants already awarded:

About FED

The FED is focused on helping the sustainability and growth of U.S.-based science and technology companies through its research, education, and services that advance innovation and broad-based ownership.